Portable Plug-In Odor Control System

Our AOCPPJ-16 Portable Plug-In Odor Control System harnesses the power of our exclusive Advanced Oxidation Cell (AOC) technology. The AOC Technology comprises a broad spectrum of UV light encased within a specially coated cell that maintains optimal hydration. These components generate Advanced Oxidation Products (AOPs) when interacting.

Continually treat air and surfaces in any guest room, classroom, dorm room, resident room, spa/fitness room, or common area 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The Advanced Oxidation Cell Technology is effective in mitigating/eliminating contaminants, including but not limited to: viruses; allergens; and mold spores. It is also used for treating rooms or areas that have continuous or persistent odors, including but not limited to: smoke odor cigarette/pot; must/mildew odor; food odor; spice/curry odor; chemical odor VOC's; and general odors created by the occupant.

Odor Control Technology

Since 2004, RestorAir has operated within the odor control space and has proudly partnered with our customers to resolve their issues regarding Indoor Air Quality. We have a large client base and industry knowledge in Hospitality, Cruise Ships, Office Buildings, Schools, and more.


Rapid Room Recovery Unit

The Rapid Room Recovery Unit harnesses the power of our exclusive Advanced Oxidation Cell (AOC) technology. A catalytic process initiates by subjecting a broad-spectrum UV light to a specialized quad-metallic coated cell, leading to the production of potent Advanced Oxidation Products (AOPs).

These AOPs act as highly effective agents in eliminating odors and contaminants at their source. When AOPs come into contact with complex organic compounds, they display remarkable reactivity, breaking them into more stable substances such as carbon dioxide and water vapor. This process ensures a thorough and efficient purification, leaving a clean and fresh environment behind.

  • Used by thousands of Hotels worldwide, this odor eliminator safely eliminates most Guest Room odors in 30-60 minutes.
  • Most Rooms Effectively Treated In 60 Minutes Or Less (Time Dependent On Room Size And Odor Intensity)
  • Eliminates One-Time Or Flare-Up Odors, Effective In Eliminating Smoke From Nonsmoking Rooms, Effective Against Norovirus, Allergens, Mold Spores And Other Air And Surface Contaminants
  • Lightweight And Mobile

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