Portable Plug-In Air Purification System

Expanding on our AOCPPJ-16 Portable Plug-In Air Purification System, its core strength lies in the utilization of our proprietary Advanced Oxidation Cell (AOC) technology. This innovative technology integrates a spectrum of broad UV light housed within a specially coated cell designed to sustain optimal hydration levels.

Continually treat air and surfaces in any guest room, classroom, dorm room, resident room, spa/fitness room, or common area 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The Advanced Oxidation Cell Technology is effective in mitigating/eliminating contaminants, including but not limited to: viruses; allergens; and mold spores. It is also used for treating rooms or areas that have continuous or persistent odors, including but not limited to: smoke odor cigarette/pot; must/mildew odor; food odor; spice/curry odor; chemical odor VOC's; and general odors created by the occupant.

The synergy of these elements culminates in the generation of highly effective Advanced Oxidation Products (AOPs). These AOPs play a pivotal role in neutralizing and eliminating a diverse range of airborne contaminants, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient air purification process. For further details and a comprehensive overview, please refer to the attached informational PDF.

Informational PDF

These AOP's possess remarkable efficacy in eliminating both airborne and surface contaminants, including viruses and fungi. They prove equally effective in eradicating any unpleasant malodors, such as smoke, food, pet, or musty odors. As an added benefit, the oxidizers generated by our system naturally degrade into harmless carbon dioxide and water vapor.