Rapid Room Recovery Unit

The Rapid Room Recovery Unit employs our AOC technology, ensuring powerful purification. Utilizing a specialized quad-metallic coated cell, the broad-spectrum UV light initiates a catalytic process, yielding potent Advanced Oxidation Products (AOPs).

  • Most Rooms Effectively Treated In 60 Minutes Or Less (Time Dependent On Room Size And Odor Intensity)
  • Eliminates One-Time Or Flare-Up Odors, Effective In Eliminating Smoke From Nonsmoking Rooms, Effective Against Norovirus, Allergens, Mold Spores And Other Air And Surface Contaminants
  • Lightweight And Mobile

These AOPs, highly effective in eliminating odors and contaminants, exhibit remarkable reactivity when encountering complex organic compounds. This leads to the breakdown of these compounds into stable substances like carbon dioxide and water vapor. This comprehensive process guarantees thorough purification, creating a clean and fresh environment. Additional details can be found in the attached informational PDF document.

Informational PDF

Trusted by thousands of hotels globally, this unit effectively eliminates various guest room odors within a swift 30-60 minute timeframe, ensuring a safe and pleasant environment for guests.